Sunday, June 20, 2010

she made me shed tears

i was driving to my friend`s house when i recieved one new sms. its from Kristin.

"though my words are few, my heart is true. friend i can make new, but none are as sweet as you"

its really put a smile in my face... :) and of course i replied it.

"what a sweet words.. thanks lot dear :) hope happiness always be yours ;) "

i do mean it with my words.. and just about a minute after i replied, she replied back.

"na .. cuma mau bilang walo sering ga ketemu, dan jarang ngobrol tapi kamu tetep sahabat terbaik :) selalu punya " quality time" denganmu dan itu gak akan tergantikan oleh apapun juga"

i shed tears.. i really dont know what to say.. maybe she text me really in the right moment. when i feel so empty and lonely..

" i dont know what to say tin, but you know ur words mean so much to me.. thank you for sharing life with me, thank you for the precious time and the friendship, support and always be a good listener for me.. im so sorry for always being pain in the ass"

i never thought she would send me that msg.. i dont know its really me who`s too melancolic or its really true so touchy.. but friendship that you offer to me really mean WORLD for me.
thank you mbak antin... thank you so much :)

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Anonymous said...

nyaaaaaaaaahahahhaah berhasil berhasil!!!