Sunday, December 25, 2011

more thn just a gift :)

meet my sister

Tepatnya tahun 2007 , saat aku terjebak dalam kebosanan dengan skripsi yang melelahkan itu, aku mulai main game online , one of 3D game . and i met a new friend there. her name is putri.
well .. sejak saat itu dia jadi adek angkatku. so fun talking to her, she`s always there for me.
and this december is officially our 4 years of being sisters. eventough we haven`t meet in personal yet. but i love her just like my own sister. she`s my walking diary. my bestfriend.
and today out of nowhere a package landed on my desk. its her name there as a sender. what a surprisee.. :* actually its not really that surprise cause she`s already inform me before that she`s sending me a gift. but when i get that gift lay on my desk its still a SURPRISE for me , thank you sister :*

here's the card with her original hand writting
what a touchy msg u wrote sister

she give me this photo frame with my picture in it.
thank you so much sister
i really like it :*

before the package arrived she kept telling me " mbak jangan diliat harganya ya, maaf ya kalo ga sesuai harapan mbak " its kinda funny to hear that from her couple of time. hihihihihi..

the fact is.. i do know and certainly realize that this gift is more thn just a gift. its how you tell me that u care about me. and i do really appreciate it sis. u did a LOT for me that u are not even realize that you`re done well. your support is everything for me.
thank you for keep being a good sister for me. thank you for always there for me in my everycondition, thank you for always understand the way i feel for the man i love the most when nobody even let me spell his name again. thank you for always be a family for me , thank you for support me on my diet, my fam and my faith on him . i do cherish our friendship too sweetheart . *hugs*

Saturday, December 10, 2011

never know

i never know what he feel about me before that day.
that evening i came to his house deliver a box of chicken.
i inform him about my graduation .
and i really surprised found him hug me and cried.
thank you so much white hair old man.
its so warm to feel your hand surround me.
thank you so much...
u never know how much its mean for me old man.
someday i`ll make your older brother proud of me.
and i hope you`ll feel the same.

meet my ancestors

i am no one without them :) for everysecon that happen in my life i really thank my beloved ALLAH for letting me become part of them :)

me , my so very 90's supermom drg sulistiyatun , my grandpa Moehardjo, my grandma Ngadilah moehardjo, my superdad drg Kuncoro
-a very old picture-

and take a look what i`ve found

Karikatur Makde prawirosidarto
a very cool grandpa
*how i miss him so *

meet my grandma Ngadilah Prawirosidarto
garis muka yang sama dismua anak cucunya
ohhh thats my legacy :P