Tuesday, October 19, 2010

i have to

Address me the way to define what i feel , what i dont wanna feel and what i HAVE to feel.people change so do fate. even faith i kept inside of me still the same. but vision i see in every trace i have sometimes makin` me think even more harder. is this really what i feel? is this really what i want? or i want this back to the situasion that it used to be just because the situasion secure me? or is it really more thn just that reason. greater thn faith, greater thn ego.

for some of reason, i dont know why i dont wanna lose that faith. the unexplainable feeling which stays in my heart more thn just 10 months. for the other reason, im tired having it inside and see no changes. hufftt..

but Mia was right "with faith or no faith if GOD want him in ur life , he will" kira-kira begini lah cara si mia buat menegaskan bahwa gwa harus ikhlas dan move on.

aku percayakan yang terbaik untukmu, segala yang kau butuhkan dan keadaanmu kepada ALLAH, mungkin selama ini aku terlalu mengkhawatirkanmu. even i know u are always oke :)

there`s lotsa thing i can not change, lotsa thing i cannot force to happen. but there is a thing that i can FORCE my self to make it happen. for what is worth.. i am moving on now, not because you were already move on in the first place but its because i have to.