Saturday, June 5, 2010

loving is forgiving :)

I found sex in the city part 2 so boring. even there were lotsa joke that actually could make me laugh.. but still.. its kinda boring film. Sorry!!
until the scene that really make my heart melt.
there was a scene where sarah jessica parker met her exs boyfriend somewhere in abudhabi.
then they were having dinner together. they were confess that already married.
but dinner still continue... and after dinner they were about walking home.
when suddenly aidan ( the ex bf) kissed sarah !!! that was shocking...
sarah stop the kiss and ran into her Car and went back to hotel where she lived with her bestie. and announce the accident to her bestie.
Sarah confuse.. because her bestie tell her not to tell her husband. but she cant live in a lie.
In the name of love, sarah decide to call her husband right away. confess everything. and hope that everything going to be just fine. after sarah finished her confession. her husband just said " im in work, i`ll see u later!" dan telepon ditutup. can you imagine gimana perasaan seorang suami yang tau istrinya baru aja mengaku berciuman dengan mantan kekasihnya?? and can you imagine.. gimana perasaan campur aduk si istri yang confessionnya tidak direspon apapun oleh si suami. Begitu sarah pulang ke newyork.. suaminya gak ngejemput dia di bandara, begitu sarah sampe di apartementnya,, apartement itu kosong. suaminya ga ada dirumah. sarah menelpon suaminya dan meninggalkan pesan. " hey where are you? im home"
gak lama kemudian suaminya pulang. aku ga inget sih gimana percakapan mereka tapi yang jelas.. sarah meminta maaf atas apa yang sudah dia lakukan, dia menyesal. lalu suaminya mengeluarkan sebuah kotak dan dibuka berisi cincin berlian hitam.
" i want you to wear this so you will remember that you've married"

ohh mai GOD!!! such a gentleman!!!
this is the best part of the movie that i love most.
people do sin, noone can escape from making mistake. want it or not. noone in this world who never miss doing sin. BUt look at them.. they teach us that loving is forgiving.
no matter how hurt it is for you to find out that the one you love is lie to you. that the one you love is cheat on you, that the one you love make mistake and do sin.
but if what you feel about them is realy love.. you should forgive them and give them second change. everyone deserve a second change including yourself.

i learn from my bestfriend.
she forgave her boyfriend who is already cheat on her and give him second change.
because she have the same prespective like me.

mengalah bukan berarti kalah. kadang saat kita mencintai seseorang. kita perlu mengalah dan meminta maaf terlebih dahulu bukan untuk mengakui kita bersalah, tapi untuk menyelamatkan hal yang lebih berharga.. something even more big than just lie.. something that worth enough to fighting for.

love, respect, convinience.

i never said that people who do sin is never wrong.
but its never be wrong to forgive and forget..
never be wrong to bring peace to ourselves..
for something that worth for ourselves..

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