Saturday, June 5, 2010

dear sister..

dear my lil sister..
you are there in a distance..
im so sorry for not being there when you need shoulder to cry on.
i cant stand to see you in tears.
but in the same time i couldnt do anything except pray to GOD for your best.
i want you to keep your faith inside your heart.
believe that GOD plan something for you and ur hubby.
jadilah wanita hebat untuk rumah tanggamu :)


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

if i am u lil sista that u mean...
sis...i know that u always pray me d guddiest thing in my life.
I have a faith but in d same time i also questioning : GOD gave me love to love him, but why He doesnt take it away when i want it. I want my heart back as i have was, when he didnt fight for me coz he didnt need me as u sad.
Even we are in d distance sis....i know u r always have a way to show ur affection n its make me tough.
Sis...u r there n i am here, only GOD connecting us.