Tuesday, June 15, 2010

just fine.

When people have everything and i just have a memory of you in mind.
i was promise to my self to learn how to thanks GOD for all the thing that have happened along my life, because what was happened is SOMETHING!!

i feel life was so cruel to me when it seems like GOD letting everyone take some piece of me and left me a huge dissapointment. it wasnt easy for me but yes its not a reason for me to stay in the darkside for such a long time. That`s why im trying to do what is right or at least nearly right.

when something not going as what i was hoping,,, i will just keep that for my self. weather its for good or worst. id rather let it kept sealed.

Dear GOD..
u let me type something last night must be for a reason.
u always show me something that made me relize...
YES similiarity really exist
im so proud to be anything u`ve already let me to be ..
you let so many happiness, pride, lesson entering my life until this day.
you knew what im talking about.. you always knew..
some of people thought they knew me. but they actually don`t.
just like how you make him feel about his hut GOD...
do you know how hard it is GOD to live a life this way??
no one will understand how hard it is unless they through same path.
and thats one of reason you let me met him.
letting us learn and heal each other.

what you want me to do GOD??
so many dissapointment and pain were came into my life.
facing a fact into another fact.
sometimes i really wanna give up situation..
im not expecting a palace.. or a kingdom..
im just dreaming a simple happy life with the one who really can make me feel just fine.

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