Tuesday, February 16, 2010

In Their ShoEs

She helps me in her way..
once in my way to close a book, SHE already gave me sign. But me, never stop trying.
And SHE still there guide me smoother. Because SHE know I'm stubborn. And SHE always have that big heart to keep HER eye on Me.

Many times in my way , lots of bestfriend never tired to warn me that I'm just too much too try. But me, still on my way proving something that I thought still can be fixed. And they still keep telling me a fact even its hurt me. Because they are "my bestfriends" , the one who I can trust to tell me the truth even its sometimes hurt me cause I know they do that for my good, because they love me for sure. And I won't misunderstood that affection. Like my sister "erma" said friends are fairies on earth.
That's why they never give up to keep me on track like what GOD did.

They tell me the truth in the different way. Even its hurt me they just try to tell me that what happen tomorrow its the truth and they want me to wake up and relize that it is for my GOOD.

Never blame them. Even sometimes its irritating. I never have a thought in my mind that they were betray me just because tell words from their shoes and bring me reality.
Never have a thought that they were stabbed me from behind just because they argue way different from me.

I'm so greatful to have a bestfriend like them. Who never let me down. Who always telling me that I'm stepping the wrong way. For them , my bestfriend who's not just "quiet" and waiting me torn apart. For them who never tired to telling me the truth even its makes my ears gone red. I love you gaise. Sorry for always be pain in the ass..


^eruma^ said...

good friends will never stop to tell you the truth, even the painful one.. cheers to our good friends.. the fairies on earth :D

omen said...

no matter what i've said to you sis...i'm not wearing your shoes..so, pick pairs that fit you. that's why even when i less agreed with what you did, i've never pursued you to do my way. be happy sis...cause when someone is being sad, a single fairy dies. so does bestfriend.

..Irna.. said...

erma : thank you adekkuuuu... kamu selalu bisa bikin akuuuu tenang...

omen : sis,, thank you for all the way you keeping me in track, thank you so much for being so nice..... luv youuuuu