Wednesday, February 17, 2010

deadline for whiney lil heart

Dear heart,
Let's take this rocky forgetting thing as a heart builder so u could be stronger.
Let's the heavy rain accompany ur tears but when the rain stop falling u have to stop flowing.Cause nothing u can do ...

Let's pretending he's already die.
And a deadbody won't raise alive again.
All u have to do just pray for him.
So u can raise ur chin and move on.

Don't be too rush..
Take a sight seen before u decide to end of this journey.
But let me tell u something..
That u will miss couple of thing when u are taking a journey...
That's why longer time u take lot of thing u missed..

It is a long GOODBYE..
Not a sudden action but this is a deadline.
Let him stay in peace at graveyard..
Where u burried all the memories..


omen said...

tadi malem gw nonton film korea gt sis judulnya 'heartbreak library' ada satu line 'future is something we'd never know..but the past won't change'....be thankful aja sis to the past love, for it gives you the gift of who you are today'

Seraphina "Maylee" Meiliana said...

are you sure this is a LONG GOODBYE??? =P
gak yakin deh gw.... hihi

..Irna.. said...

Omen : thank you so much my dearrrr... muachhh
nenek : elo emang bener-bener... just gimmeeeeeee supporttt bencongggg....