Monday, February 1, 2010


I am tired pretending..
like everything fine and prove im not that weak
i am tired trying...
wipe u from my mind...
like that could help me sober..

i am UNWELL..
maybe nobody understand..
or they just tired to understand me..
but i am so UNWELL..

i am fragile..
i am brittle..

i miss u..
and you never know that i really do..
never thought id be this so into you..

i really wanna back to his arms,,
i Heart him so much


Misha Johanna said...

it flies us to the heaven.
it drags us down to the hell.
then it disappears...
but then it comes again, in a totally different fancy way! :)

..Irna.. said...

haven`t see the fancy thing yet... :(