Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Us and the guitar

I still keep all desire i have for you
even its already impossible to make it true
but faith that u`ve always said we have was always there
and u know where to find

Us with the guitar
combine into a melody

you`re not here

not even near

we`re living in a distance

and its killin` me

U still remember this song,dont u??
that was first song that i`ve wrote for u
and the lyric above was our fave part

everytime i remember the way you sang my song
i shed tears
cause everytime i hear that song
i always remember the way you said
" i feels like with u forever"

u really have no idea how hard it is for me right now
but i also have no idea how well you get over this faith
but forgetting you is like forever.
i think i would never can do that.
( cause i dont want to)


Robby said...

So gloomy Na

..Irna.. said...


xhin said...

mupeng liat gambarnya na -_-//

..Irna.. said...

hihihi.. i still have another enchanted pic :P
check another post :P