Thursday, October 6, 2011

new chapter of life

couple of weeks ago , i am officially recorded as one of student in specialist program.
New life, New friends, insyaallah new experiences.
so here we are..

With 15 others , we are trying to be a specialist . our group consist of various different ages and tribes. but hopefully it wont put any difficulties for all of us.
from the front row, left to the right .
first one is our chief drg syafri, next after him is drg ria , the green lady out is drg intan and actually there is one more from militery corps named drg surya , and we are nobate them as a birocrate row , LOLS :P
next after the birocrates, the man with sunglasses is drg ricky , behind him from the right the two tones girl out there name drg ellen, and after that drg anna , up next drg emma, drg sherlie, drg niar, drg ayu, drg eka, and in the last row .. start from me and thn drg andien, drg irene, and last but not least is drg maria.

well actually 16 is a big number for specialist programs , remembering the dental chair avaibility , but there is no fun life without obstacle to be beated ha ha ...
so far each of our member well adapt.. hopefully it will be last long :)

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