Sunday, October 23, 2011

irreversible time :)

in elder ages, peoples ( most of person i knew and me my self ) are busy running "the life" before sun shining until late late late night . work hard head till toes. racing with the "irreversible" time to reach "the goal", to find the way to get better life. we`re often sacrify our sleeping time just to prepare ourselves and make sure that we are ready. this sleepless eyes not even can complaint when they only got less than 3 hours to rest before the "evil" alarm ringing.. the hi tech time keeper already became the enemies for my poor body.

do you ever know why i`m not letting my body to complain "TOO MUCH" ?
because i am completely relize thats all the regulation that i should do before i can get a better better better better better life. speaking of a whiney lil girl, all of my FRIEND ( the truly ones) know that im not an independent girl, complaining that much. yea.. im just a daddy's lil girl.
but by the time goes by, frankly life scares me. i know legacy is not the thing i could lean on. i should build my own pattern, the strongest one. so i will know how to save my own life later.

in life, of course i play some role on drama, i made mistakes but then i made it up. trying my best not to drown in the same hole thousand times. i failed many times but after that im still forcing my self to take a chance to change. upgrading life`s quality.

i found lotsa example in life. surrounding me. i saw lotsa people older thn me, some of them already married , already employe but they r still trying to get further experiences and enrich acknoledges. i found my friends running life in a rush, trying to accomplish their requirement while they are ALSO busy with their own personal life issue too. they seems never lose their faith on life. do you understand what i am saying??? YES... i see lotsa thing to do ...

im still wondering why you are just about standing like a stone, mumbling and BUSY playing drama?

dont u know that time is irreversible. and drama never walks alone. it takes KARMA with them. remember it takes two to tango ;)

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