Wednesday, October 12, 2011

always about :)

My strawberry stories

i knew nothing about you
the only thing i knew that time
music is part of your life

and everytime i heard the way u blend with it
it hypnotized me.

i have my cellphone beside me everynight
waiting for you to call me saying good night.

u call my name
i feel u were so close.
distance was NEGATIVE (none-like)

through the conversation we have those far.
i found you ..


but to be with you , i have to wait
a- year- waiting.

waiting for love to be holded
but it doesn't matter because i believe

and univers help us

our love life had finally landed a year later.

being with you was such a fireworks

i wish i could grow old together with you
we off and on so often
as we break up and make up

but our last december made us saparated
and left me alone.

if only u knew

because i always wish

when everyone ask me why i took so long to get over you
i just smile
they never know

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