Saturday, May 29, 2010


its too early in the morning when i open up my facebook account and checking some updates on HOME side when i cant take my eyes off of something that really *shocking!!*
then i remember all about your dream. the dream that i heard 2 years ago for the first time.

seeing you being that close to your DREAM is really making me SMILE my Dear..
cause those are what you are waiting for in your whole life..
you with all of your faith always told me all plan that you`ve plan for you and ur dream.
and now its just like an inch from the soil you stepped.

so you know, that i always pray to GOD for you and your happiness.
may ALLAH bring you lots of luck.. may ALLAH fulfill your dReam.
always wishing you all the best.

im so sorry for being in distance.
but i always keep my eyes on you.

for what is worth.. i heart you. always.

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