Friday, December 17, 2010

another LOST another Lesson

* together is a gift , saparate is a choice,
everything to make u happy *

Everything happen in life is a lesson i should take. today reality hits me to my face , another lost come to see me. i really wanna ask GOD why the "lost" thing always come to grab me, but thn i relize that there will be no ash without a fire. thats why the questioning mission is aborted. i thanks GOD for slaping my cheeck again, whatever the media and problem is but i know it is for something. no need to blame another for the thing that i should through. no need to blame another for the mess in my life. the blame is on me. i am a jerk and i am so sorry.

Dear GOD,

show me what i need to see. and lead me to be better person
i am stop making excuses. i`m following fate.
everything come from U will back to U

Nothing that i can do if U want to take it back
just keep her safe when she doesn`t want me to be around again

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