Friday, November 26, 2010

time travelers , i wish i am

I have just finished watch time travelers wife movie. first time i see it , i got confused. tidak bisa mengikuti alur ceritanya. tapi lama-lama aku mulai paham. time travelers adalah orang yang mempunyai anomali genetik sehingga membuat dia dapat melakukan teleport tetapi ke masa lalu atau masa depan, hampir sama dengan jumper tetapi bedanya kalo jumper present time dan bisa memilih tempat , kalo time travelers di cerita ini dia tidak bisa memilih waktu dan tempat , they are just suddenly gone and dissapear.

i wish i could be a jumper time travelers if its possible. so i can go anywhere weather it is in a past or might in a future. hihihihi.. if i could do that first thing first i wanna do is back to the time where my DAD still alive. miss him :) , second i would visit "BABY" me , i would tell my self to stop eating like im starving everysecon hahahaha.. and after that i really wanna back to december 2007. First time i tempted joined a game. so i could tell my Young ME to be my own self. so i wont lose lot like this time. i wish i could make the thing up. hihihihihi... but appearently its impossible :P

Sesal, Menyesal, Penyesalan ada dalam kehidupanku. menyesal karna dulu makan banyak.. menyesal karna ever once faking my self. menyesal karna harus kehilangan hal terindah hanya karna sebuah kebodohan. tapi toh whats DONE, is DONE. i have so much thing to do now. membenahi beberapa hal yang terlupa dalam hidup.

i`ve been grounded by my own guilty for almost a year. but after new year`s eve. i will start new life. living imperfect life perfectly.

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