Tuesday, October 27, 2015

a come back nagger

its been a while since my last post, 2012 eh? i can`t believe that i still nag about "you" that long. haha..
a lots of thing been going on in my life. which i can`t tell in detail but i think its good to be back writing. its not like i have an interesting story but lets consider this as my expression. not sure yet what topic that i will pick but can`t wait to adding more and more line. 

i`ve been living in roller coaster, i almost lost faith to GOD but again HE beat my doubtness. i should never lost my faith on every path that has been written at GOD`s fate book. 
i consider my self as a changed person. i have a new way to live my life, i have my new prespective of life. i have a new circle of peoples around me. 
wise man told me " believe HIM, nothing happen without a good end, you will finally know where it leads you" and its been like forever since i decide to be a better person heart and soul. i claim my boundaries in old fashioned way. i became sooo noisy sometimes with all those boundaries. haha.. but i don`t mind being called like that, cause if i run my life the way you are, maybe i won`t get blessed and happiness just like i do right now. 

some people including my family give me that pity glance on me. for what i`ve been thru. but i have warm heart and a wide arms to hug back my ultimate happiness again. i relize that the more i listen to their opinion the more i am not happy. being DETERMINE is not easy, they might think u are just worshipin your EGO but trust me you are not, you just know what you want. exactly what you want. 

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