Tuesday, November 20, 2012

for good

Membuat keputusan membutuhkan sebuah keberanian dan konsistensi.
People grows up bukan hanya secara fisik tetapi juga mentally.
kedewasaan seseorang tidak dapat diucapkan dengan kata-kata , tetapi dengan sikap dan perilaku.

im making a decission this nite, regarding not to harm my ownself.
for once i doubt that GOD loves me. questioning why i cant get along "again" this time.
but thn the pain that my bestfriend felt when he saw her daughter injured slap me right in the face
it might painful facing the reality that i have to make a decission this early.
but there are many people suffer out of there way excessive thn me.

a very close friend of mine  , family a like told me once..
" considering that you are worth is as important as respecting others"

the one who`s i let go once told me..
" life is a choice"

so i choose to condiser my self WORTH and letting all go .
im waving goodbye to you this day for good :) 

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