Wednesday, June 8, 2011


aku tertunduk lesu. setiap kali kau pergi tanpa kata dan berita.
aku tau semua tak lagi sama. aku sungguh kehilanganmu.
its is like a rhytme. morning to night busy . night to morning u gone.
without anywords except i call u and it not always answeared.
i`ve been there before in you "BUSY" day. i remember how you just "GONE" in a day
but after that the next day is different . i still can feel that it is really because u are busy.
but these nowadays, i believe that you are really that busy. but its hard to believe that u really have no time to say a simple hallo to me. u were just GONE like that. without anywords.

aku menunggu disetiap malamku. berharap kamu meluangkan sedikit waktumu untuk menyapaku. menceritakan padatnya pekerjaanmu seperti yang biasa kamu lakukan.
but now i lost that part too. nothing that i can do cause u give me no respone for all complaint.

a part of me missing you..
a part of me know that u are about to leave..
a part of me still cant believe..
i thought u were different...

there all the twinkle stars in the sky..
they hear me crying and praying in the night.
yes ... you are always there...
but u left silently...

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Seraphina "Maylee" Meiliana said...

udah lama2 gak jalan2 kesini... ada apa ini???? are u talking to me???? *mengernyit tersindir*