Monday, July 5, 2010

new atmospher

when a little bite could wake you from persisten dream.
its really true that GOD can teach us how to dance by not even hold our hand and show us an example. isn`t that so amazing..??
its really true that without us asking , GOD always feed us with something GOOD..

i do believe that a nice thing will earn a nice reward.
value life by being so thanksful for each air that i breath this morning
even when a harted left there.. somewhere inside my heart..
hopefully i could get over that harted. TOXIC.

when life is about hearing from another.
when life is about seeing our self in the mirror
seeing what right and wrong..
when life is about rephase a line..
when life is about being tough..

when Present becoming Past
and something i Know becoming something i Knew
i choose to keep the past as something i knew and will not let it just fade away.
let it be salt that poured right on my bleedy wound..
so i can remember clearly how does it feels..
so i wont pour another pepper or add some chilli.

thank to U,YOU,you and you
for always HOLDing my hand.


Seraphina "Maylee" Meiliana said...

sabar ya mak... dunno what to say but.. i believe that you can get over it soon :)

jatu evasi said...

Allah pasti punya rencana terbaek buat kita...^ ^